Superior Hot Isostatic Pressing
Responsiveness & Reliability

Meeting Critical Requirements and Deadlines
with Fast Turnaround Job After Job...

9 HIP Units in
Continuous Operation

Units to 30" in Diameter and 108" in Length with
Pressures to 30,000 psi and Temperatures to 2550° F...

HIPping of Castings,
Composites & Powders

Applications Include Aerospace, Biomedical,
Industrial and Power Generation...

Precise HIP Processing & Quality Control

Comprehensive Quality
Control Program Meeting
ISO9001 and AS9100

PTI Hot Isostatic Pressing Services
  • Superior Responsiveness & Reliability
  • Precise Process Control
  • Rigid Quality Control
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Shared Cycle Capability

PTI provides hot isostatic pressing to a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical and precision casting. We are experts in the densification of many materials from investment castings to advanced alloys.

PTI HIP Capabilities & Equipment
  • Nine (9) Units to 30" in Diameter & 108" High
  • Pressures to 30,000 psi (207 MPa)
  • Temperatures to 2550° (1400° C)
  • ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
  • Approved by P&W, GEAE, RR, Honeywell...

PTI offers a broad range of hot isostatic processing capabilities from small low pressure to large high pressure production units. Our equipment features rapid cool capabilities and is exceptionally reliable.

HIPping Applications
  • Castings
  • Composites
  • Powders & Ceramics
  • Super Alloys
  • Welding, Joining & Bonding

PTI processes parts for a wide range of aerospace, biomedical and power generation applications including investment castings densification, powder metallurgy, welding and joining, ceramics consolidation and more.

About Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

HIP Video

Hot Isostatic Processing is a well established process for the improvement of a wide variety of materials such as titanium, steel, aluminum and superalloys. Using this process, voids within a casting can be reduced or eliminated and powders can be consolidated to create fully dense materials.

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About PTI

Pressure Technology is a leading provider of high quality hot isostatic pressing (HIPping) to the aerospace, medical, ceramics, electronics, precision casting, powder metallurgy and a variety of other industries. Servicing the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western United States, PTI is the ideal partner, assuring manufacturers of world class quality and reliability while freeing up resources and capital to devote on their core business activity.

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