Hot Isostatic Pressing Services

  • Superior Responsiveness & Reliability
  • Precise Process Control
  • Rigid Quality Control
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Shared Cycle Capability

Pressure Technology provides hot isostatic pressing services (HIPping) to the aerospace, medical, ceramics, electronics, precision casting, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and other industries. At PTI we are specialists in the densification of a wide range of materials including investment castings, powdered metal parts, ceramics, carbides, composites, intermetallics, weldments and other advanced alloys. Other services include diffusion bonding of dissimilar metals and powder consolidation. PTI's hot isostatic pressing services can be applied to research and development, prototypes, repairs/ product rejuvenation, and production runs.

Why Choose PTI?

Partnering with PTI assures manufacturers of world class quality and reliability while freeing up resources and capital to devote on their core business activity. PTI offers:

  • Superior Hot Isostatic Pressing Responsiveness & Reliability – Meeting critical requirements and deadlines with fast turnaround job after job.
  • Thirteen HIP Units in Continuous Operation – Units to 30" in diameter and 105" in length with pressures to 30,000 psi and temperatures to 2550° F (1400° C).
  • HIPing of Castings, Powders, Intermetallics, Composites & Ceramics – Applications include aerospace, biomedical, tooling, automotive, electronics, defense, and power generation.
  • Precise Process Control – Computer-controlled equipment provides accurate measurement of temperature and pressure that is continuously recorded for process traceability.
  • Rigid Quality Control – Comprehensive quality control program meeting ISO9001, AS9100, and Nadcap standards.
  • Development Assistance Capability – Providing assistance in developing optimized Hot Isostatic Pressing parameters for individual customer requirements.
  • Shared Cycle Capability – Lower your costs by letting PTI match your small batch HIP run with other small runs requiring the same processing parameters. Contact PTI to find out about the common temperature and pressure cycles.
Hot Isostatic Pressing Services